About the Symposium

Thank you for joining us at the May 13-15 symposium on Fisheries and Food Security in China. We are pleased to welcome leading Chinese and international scientists to the Stanford Center at Peking University, to share research and insights on the role of ocean fisheries, aquaculture, and marine ecosystems for improving food security in China.

Given China’s demographic changes, evolving nutritional requirements, and dominant role in global fisheries, the key question is whether marine ecosystems can be managed adequately to support the country’s future vision for domestic food security. The symposium will be directed toward research on the provision of wild fish for direct human consumption and for animal feeds. Research on China’s aquaculture sector will also be featured; this component of the symposium will focus on the ability of aquaculture to satisfy the country’s rising seafood demand (potentially taking pressure off wild fisheries) and on the use of wild fish in aquaculture feeds (potentially increasing pressure on wild fisheries).

We look forward to an engaging and productive three-day symposium!